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Why hiring Bill Kelly (BKcopy) might possibly be the most ingenious decision you ever made.

There are, in my estimation, a number of indisputable facts as to why this statement can be made. Here are some random thoughts to consider when deciding on my future with your company. But first, a disclaimer:
I absolutely abhor talking about myself in this manner, even after a scotch or three. But sometimes ya gotta do, what ya gotta do. Cheers!

Guilty: marketing maniac.
Beyond the fact that I’m an award-winning, creative writer/concept developer with extensive experience across multi-channels, nobody brings more to the table in terms of passion, guts, drive and inspiration than moi. Jerry Della Femina once said “advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.” My sentiments exactly, except I would add: “I’ve dug ditches, sold encyclopedias and slopped hash... and this beats the hell out of all of them!” Ego? Sure. Try writing without one and perhaps you should take up banking. But I’m also smart enough to know that, more often than not, you have to check your ego at the door for harmony’s sake. Not doing so invites hostility, anger, resentment and worse. We’ve all seen that song and dance before...and it ain’t pretty!

Pressure Cooker? Pass The Ketchup.
I thrive in a crazy/hectic work environment. I eat it up. Turning around a 4-page brochure, banner campaign, radio spot or email in days, if not hours? That’s cake! Try occupying the minds of 5-year old twins and a 3-year old when the mom is shopping, the Jiff is empty, Campbell’s Soup is mm-mm-missing and Mr. Rogers is not in the ‘hood! That’s real pressure! In the writing battlefield, my experience, attitude and keen B.S. detector helps me avoid dead- end minefields and create creatively compelling, action-oriented messages that work...of course, delivered with a smile by end of day!

Can’t we all just get along?
Full-timers probably spend more time with their cohorts than with their families, friends or dog. And if you can’t look your fellow cube-mate in the eye and say “up yours” without a twinkle in that same eye, and without a machete in your hand, you’re not long for this business. As creatives we are judged by our books. But perhaps our most over- looked quality that should receive equal weight is our “likeability” factor. Would you want to have a drink with this person after an agonizing all-nighter? Or more apt, during this all nighter? Would anyone else? Moral of the story: There are just too many hipster-wannabes with phony books and even phonier attitudes roaming the streets. Finding a happy medium between talent and attitude is a task that can’t be overemphasized.

Leap of faith? Sure, but you learn from your falls.
Pulling the trigger on a full-time hire is always tricky. Hell, it’s another body, another salary, another hand in the cookie jar. But is it really that much of a risk? There is a way to dip your toe into the creative pool before cannon- balling. Do your homework. Call references. Shake their hand. If it’s a limp fish, throw ‘em back. Ask questions. About work. About life. If they can’t distinguish between the two? Don’t let the door hit ‘em on the ass on the way out. Remember, this person will be representing you to current clients... and potential clients. No jackasses, nincompoops or morbid bores need apply. I mean, they’ll be playing in your big ol’ sandbox with your current playmates. And they better play nice... and know how to share. Oh yeah, this same individual also has to do the dirty work: willingly rewrite headlines (until they’re right, dagnamit), revise concepts, write spec sheets, data sheets, and the occasional white paper all without so much as a whiff of whine. Unless of course, they accompany it with some nice havarti.

Because at the end of the day what it all really comes down to is this: your ability to proclaim to all within earshot... “I hired this person” – and not have to explain your reasons to a bloodthirsty crowd in 7 months, 7 days...or 7 hours.